USA Management Team

Bruce McLeod

Chairman and CEO

Bruce McLeod serves as Chairman & CEO of Empire Energy (USA), LLC and is also the Executive Chairman of Empire Energy Group Limited.

Al Boyer

SVP & Chief Operations Officer

Al Boyer has been involved in the natural gas business for over 40 years. Al currently operates over 40 privately owned wells. In the early 2000's Al was involved in a well drilling program of 200 wells over a 20 month period for Somerset Oil & Gas Inc as well as the consolidation of their field operations until its takeover by EOG Resources. Al has drilled 1,000's of wells in western PA, NY, OH and WV.

Tony Crisafio


Tony Crisafio serves as Contract Chief Financial Officer. Tony is an independent business consultant, providing financial and operational advice to 8 businesses. Prior, Tony was the Chief Operating Officer to Cinema World, Inc. and a Partner with Ernst & Young. Tony is also a Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Petroleum Development Corporation Inc, an oil and gas company with operations in the Appalachians, Michigan and the Rocky Mountain Region.

Tim Hull

VP - Appalachia Operations

Tim Hull is responsible for the Company's Appalachia operations in New York and Pennsylvania. Tim was regional field manager for Range Resources   nc in New York State prior to its acquisition by Empire Energy in late 2009. Tim has had extensive experience in natural gas production and operations, currently managing around 1,800 wells and 300 miles of pipeline.

James Farthing

VP Mid-Continent Region

James Farthing has served as District Manager and VP since mid 2013 and is responsible for Mid-Continent operations. Prior to joining the Company, James had been with Conoco-Phillips North America for 32 years. His experience includes onshore production operations, drilling and completions and management experience with respect to operating shallow low pressure wells, deep high pressure gas wells, gathering systems, pipelines, booster stations, water floods and associated facilities and plants. Mr Farthing is proficient in Health Safety and Environment policies and procedures, various maintenance and project processes, SAP systems, asset control, litigation management and royalty compliance. Mr Farthing attended classes at Colby and Barton colleges, the University of Oklahoma and Louisiana State University.

Bob Gustafson

Financial Controller

Bob Gustafson is responsible for Empire Energy's financial operations working with a team of 6 staff at the Company's Headquarters outside Pittsburgh PA. Bob has had extensive experience in both the financial sector and the oil and gas sector. Previously he was manager of Financial Accounting for Severstal-Wheeling Inc, one of the region's major steel plants. Prior to that, for a period of over 20 years he has had various financial responsibilities for E&P companies which include TW Phillips Gas & Oil Co., Columbia Energy Services, Equitable Resources Energy Co and Gulf Oil Corporation.

Susan Gasper


Susan Gasper has been with the Company since early 2009 and has been responsible for developing the Company's accounting, IT and Financial Management systems.